EVERLANE - AIR CREW T-SHIRT  Purchase from Everlane

Purchase from Everlane

Looking for a little wardrobe update or to replace some of your basics? Look no further than Everlane. Since their inception Everlane has been making waves in the clothing industry with their simple, modern, and affordable clothes.


Their focus is on transparency, which means the company tries to tell you as much as they can about each of their products so that you feel confident that what you’re buying is both ethically made and worth the money. They have a specific cost breakdown of some of their most popular items (such as the Day Market Tote) and each item links directly to the factory it is made in. The t-shirt featured in this post, for example, was made in this factory in Ho Chi Min (pictured below).
Plus, Everlane outlines how they found the factory, how they’re helping the individuals who work there, and who the team is.


Although my Air Crew t-shirt is still relatively new to my wardrobe, I have high hopes for it.  Its crafted well, is made of great material, and (most importantly) keeps its shape and softness wash after wash. Coming in at just $22, it’s been worth every penny to me so far.


* Guest post by Annabel Consilvio and Aaron Greiner from RETURN DESIGN