I've had these, made in Italy, Alico Summit trekking boots for over 10 years. They are on their last legs but I had to post them because they have been so great and they are such a great example of paying more for quality and ethics and being repaid with years and years of service. These boots have been on international trips, helped with the demoing of a house, taken part in the pouring of tons of concrete, been painted, left out in the rain, smashed by granite blocks (with my feet in them) and worn while giving design presentations. 

Some detail shots:

this is the second sole i had put on as a replacement.


I love how these wear in. Right shot is of a fix job i had done by our cobbler to keep the inner build in place.

You can see some rot in the leather and a seam blowout here - mostly due to exposure to cement and some extreme conditions. Super impressive for the years and exposure I put them through.