Our new doormat.

Our new doormat.

Cape Porpoise Trading Co's recycled lobster rope mats are not only eco-friendly and beautiful, they are durable. They do a great job of removing the sand and dirt that would otherwise make it's way into your house. 

Michelle Kinerson owner of Cape Porpoise Trading Co. travels the entire coast of Maine paying lobstermen for rope they can no longer use. Rope that would have been headed for a landfill she takes and weaves into beautiful doormats. Here is a video and a couple shots of her process:

We have had one of these types of rug for a couple years now but I must say Michelle's eye for color and design really set her work apart from other companies out there making them. Not to mention, most of those companies have switched from recycled rope to using new rope because of the challenge of getting their hands on used stuff. 

You can pick up one of her rugs at the Cape Porpoise Etsy Shop

"Getting used rope and not running out of the colors I need is one of my greatest challenges. There's plenty of used rope out there, I just have to find a way to connect with the people that have it. Fortunately, I've partnered up with some really great folks in the commercial fishing industry who connect me to lobstermen all along Maine's coast," says Michelle.

*Government regulations were put in place a few years back to protect marine life which meant Maine lobstermen had to switch all of their rope from floating to sinking. This created the abundance of rope Michelle speaks of that if isn't recycled would end up in a landfill.