We're so excited to be included in the September 2015 issue of Dwell magazine!!! We interviewed and shot for the piece a year before it came out so needless to say we were excited to see what they ended up deciding to print.


We heard from a friend that the September issue of Dwell was on the shelves so we rushed to Barnes & Noble to check it out. 

The first shot we found was this little beauty of Asher rocking his snorkel gear in the outdoor shower. (Sorry for the low quality. This one isn't up online like the rest of the shots so we just shot it with our phone)

Then right to page 72 to look through a 4 page feature on the shed - how we built it mostly ourselves (except for plastering and the rubber roof) and how we did it as sustainably as possible using reclaimed materials and pulling things out of dumpsters.

A big thanks to Justin Ellis for writing the piece. We had a great time hanging out with him for the interview. We were wondering if it would be awkward to be interviewed but our time with Justin was really enjoyable. He was warm, interesting and really easy to be around.

We'd also like to thank Christopher Churchill for shooting the photos. Our shoot day was one of the hottest of the summer and he still made it really fun. Plus, he was willing to take a break from shooting to watch a soccer game with us - awesome. His work is beautiful.

We've included the images from the online story below - enjoy!