First ran across these "handmade-in-LA" ceramic pieces at Chief's Peak at the Ojai Ranch Inn in Ojai CA. Seems that the locals get a perk for being loyal customers - a permanent spot for a K&R mug on the bar's wall.

Image stolen from the  K&R blog .

Image stolen from the K&R blog.

We searched around Ojai to try to find one of these pieces to buy and bring back to live in our shed but couldn't find a store carrying their work that happened to be open on the day that we were there. They are beautifully made and would be just the type of product that we would be happy to save up for - quality craftsmanship, gorgeous colors and a product that has a great story behind it. Check out the video below about their work:

Oh, and they don't just do mugs - we really like their experimentation with other forms and uses for their thrown work. Here are some more examples of their work that we stole from their site.

We also thought it was kind of interesting to see which mugs they chose for themselves for the Chief's Peak wall of fame.