We love blankets: in the shed, in the house, in the office, in the car... Heating bills add up quickly here in the North East and as a result our house seems to have a serious chill from October on. A favorite blanket in our family is a throw from SARI BARI. Its size, 80" x 36", is perfect for covering one person curling up with a book or warming a couple sets of legs while watching a movie, and it's light enough to keep out for use year-round. They are constructed with a hand-quilted channel stitching design which seperates them from other similar blankets and we love that there are patches of different fabrics sewn on to ciover any holes or worn areas making them truly unique. They have the feel of a favorite t-shirt you've had for years.

The mission of the company is train women as artisans in a safe environment so they can create beautiful sustainable handmade products while making their lives new in the process. These masterpieces are made from recycled old saris with a name tag and a link to the women who crafted the piece. 

We also love that the pattern on each side is different. This is the do everything blanket - from adding a pop of color to a chair to acting as an oversized scarf. It's always great to find something that you truly love to use that is supporting people who are bettering their place in the world. It's a great purchase and a fantastic gift.