Today we bring you our favorite toy...they're not just the kids' favorite toy...because we all love these little blocks. Tegu makes these awesome wooden blocks with magnets in them for endless fun, games, and learning. We say this everytime, but the beautiful product itself isn't the best part. What we love is that Tegu is one of the most sustainable and fair toy companies out there.

Chris and Will Haughey channeled their passions for business, community development, and social impact into creating this company. From the beginning, Honduras was the country the Haughey brothers had a connection to, and knew that this was where they wanted Tegu to begin and stay. They employ workers near their factory in Honduras, just outside of Tegucigalpa, and prioritize career growth, fair wages, and education. And for every 1 tree they source, they plant 983 more trees!

Plus, as Friedrich Fröbel discovered as he revolutionized children's education in the 18th +19th centuries, blocks are primary to a child's understanding of shape, pattern, problem solving, storytelling, etc. Tegu puts this into practice with their beautiful block sets, and we could play with them for hours.

Check out The Prism Pocket Pouch and tons of other toy sets on their website.