Today we're talking about Federico Badia Shoes. The best (in our opinion) in Italy.

We met Federico a few summers ago when we spent a month in Orvieto, Italy. The Italian culture is an entirely different pace than our own, and when it comes to apparel and shoes, Italy is serious. You know when something says "Made in Italy" on the tag, it's good quality, thoughtfully made, and given the time it deserves (something Federico mentions in the video below).

Federico emphasises the differences between store-bought and made-to-order pieces, one of the biggest differences being the personal relationship that comes from handcrafted, personalized goods. Federico's process is awesome to experience. He measures every part of your foot, takes into account your stride, any foot or leg problems you have... all the while telling you things about your feet you never could have known! Did you know most people have two different sized feet?

Federico, his wife Hannah, and his mother Raffaella work each day in a beautiful little shop in the heart of the volcanic-rock-top city of Orvieto in Italy. Their shop is filled with dozens of beautiful shoe styles for men + women, plus a bunch of different leather bags, wallets, belts, and other accessories. Check out their website, and see why we could go on and on about Federico Badia Shoes.