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The word "alaffia" is a common greeting used in Togo, Benin, and Nigeria, meaning peace, health, and well-being. Alaffia's mission is just that.

Out of a desire to empower communities in West Africa, co-founders Olowo-n'djo Tchala and Prairie Rose Hyde began Alaffia with the intentions of creating a business that was focused on utilizing natural ingredients found in Western Africa and employing women within these communities. Their goal was to create a structure in which women could work to bring themselves, their families, and their greater ecosystems out of the cycle of poverty. Nearly two decades later, Alaffia has partnered with thousands of African women, men, and children by providing jobs, safe childbirth and maternity care, education, eyeglasses, reforestation, FGM eradication, and more.

With their commitment to sustainability and fair trade, Alaffia only uses natural ingredients that heal the skin and feel amazing. They are committed to paying fair wages, promoting gender equality, and being intentional about their waste by making thoughtful packaging choices.

We've loved the Alaffia products you see here. They smell amazing and we feel great about using them. Here's a list of what we've tried for ourselves:

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