You've already read our raving review of Alaffia (if you haven't, check it out here), so you know we're big fans. Today, we bring you yet another cool thing Alaffia produces... handwoven baskets!

Taken from Alaffia's website:

"The Alaffia Handwoven Grass Baskets program in Togo employs 260 basket weavers at our cooperative in Sokode and over 2,000 grass collectors in Blitta. Our Ghana basket cooperative is made up of 1,400 individual weavers, who each have a contract with Alaffia, which guarantees a fair trade price for each basket 87-130% above market pricing. By the end of 2016, our contacted weavers in Ghana will also be Certified Fair Trade by IMO. In the meantime, fair trade requirements and pricing are being strictly followed in Ghana even without certification, and most importantly, no child labor or slavery is involved in the crafting of our baskets."

Photo courtesy of Alaffia's  instagram

Photo courtesy of Alaffia's instagram

One of our favorite parts about these baskets are the little leather tags sewn in, telling us who made this basket and what village they made it in. We've got the Handwoven African Market Basket -- great for holding blankets and books, or perfect for a day at the market.