This may sound pretty old school, but did you know that cooking your food in a cast iron pan helps supply your body with needed iron? We promise this isn't some kind of medieval actually works. And, let's face it, food just looks (and tastes!) better when it's cooked in a cast iron pan. So we're happy to turn to Lodge Pans to help us with all of this.

Lodge has been making cast iron pans in Tennessee for over 100 years. They've kept the same quality, functionality, and technology as in their early days in the 1890s, all while upping their product variety and durability. The Lodge pan we have is going to last forever, and we can't wait to keep on using it.

We also recently found an old cast iron pan at a yard sale for a few bucks. It was in need of some reconditioning, but with a little work and a little grease, we got it back to prime condition. There's so much value and life in these pans! And our favorite part? Cast iron pans can go from stovetop to oven to grill in seconds...they work beautifully on all surfaces. You run into the little problem of burnt hands if you aren't careful, though, so we made some handle covers for our pans out of leftover leather pieces. We'll share that DIY soon!

Top two photos and video by Lodge