If you've followed along on our blog or read our About Us page, you know that The Dark Side of Chocolate was a catalyst for change in our family. Knowing about the injustices in the chocolate industry, on top of other corruption in food, clothing, and product industries, made us reconsider the way we did things. That's why when we find an awesome, ethically made product, we can't wait to share it. So today, we're happy to introduce you to Taza Chocolate.


Taza Chocolate is based in Somerville, MA and sources sustainably from The Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Belize, and (most recently!) Haiti. They're certified direct trade, and one of the most transparent companies we know of...check out their website to see for yourself. We took a tour of their Somerville factory as a family and it gave us a reason to love chocolate again! Watch this video about their latest sourcing partnership in Haiti, and see the infographic below to get a better idea of what Direct Trade looks like.

Thanks, Taza! We love that Toffee flavor and can't wait to melt down some of that Chocolate Mexicano into hot coco!