Wood & Faulk just gets it. Matt Pierce, a DIY guy after our own hearts, is the builder and "tinkerer" behind the company, and we love the evolution of how his knack for creating became a full-blown, successful bag + leather goods company.

Based in Portland, Oregon, all of Wood & Faulk's products are made and designed in the USA, mostly in their own studio in the heart of the city. A curiosity behind how things were made led Matt to start a blog, which turned into what the company is today, but Matt still keeps the DIY spirit behind the business going strong by posting how-to's in the "Journal" section of his website.

We love The Northwesterner bag because it's just the right size for a weekend getaway, it's sturdy, and the high-quality leather it's made of is already aging beautifully. It may be called "The Northwesterner", but we think it fits in pretty well with us here in New England by the sea.

Check them out! Also, if you follow this link and send Wood & Faulk a self-addressed, stamped envelop, they'll send you back some free stickers. Pretty rad.

Photos taken from Wood & Faulk + trnk